Created & Curated

To CREATE (verb - krē-āt′) bring something into existence.
To CURATE (verb - kjʊ(ə)ˈreɪt)
select and present, using expert knowledge.

Created & Curated is a diverse range of emergent thinking, articles, interviews, reports, ideas, videos and lots more from across the cultural and creative industries - all created (and curated) by Barker Langham Recruitment Directors, Consultants and Associates.



A selection of the latest reports, surveys and contemporary thinking on all matters related to the global cultural and creative industries. Reports include current and future trends with statistics, graphs, infographics and other useful interpretive and analytical tools.

Video & Audio

Features video and audio interviews and podcasts with Barker Langham Consultants and Associates answering a series of questions about their personal experiences and professional journey, as well as Client and Candidate video interviews and podcasts to provide a unique insight into our world of cultural recruitment.


Presenting articles and curated extracts which cover a diverse spectrum of Human Resources, Recruitment and Training topics. Themes range from emergent thinking provided by global thought-leaders to commentary on important issues in the cultural recruitment sector.