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The Montpellier Office

Montpellier is a modern yet historically rich and traditional metropolis located next to the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea. With an excellent integrated public transportation network, as well as an international airport and new TGV train station, the city has quick and easy access to neighbour countries such as Spain - reaching the border within less than an hour - and Italy - a three-hour journey eastwards. Business trips to the Barker Langham head office in London, the Dubai office and our satellite offices in Berlin and Girona are therefore made on a regular basis with ease.

One of Europe’s fastest-growing cities, Montpellier is also classed as one of the most highly multicultural French cities as well. With numerous distinguished schools and universities – including one of the oldest medical university in Europe - more than a third of the city’s inhabitants are students. Having such a young population contributes to Montpellier’s eclectic and vibrant vibe.

Montpellier’s main cultural spaces include two opera houses - Comédie and Berlioz - as well as the Musée Fabre, a renowned Fine Arts museum, which recently completed a 61-million-Euro renovation to turn it into one of the finest provincial museums outside of the capital. Montpellier is also host to an extensive sports scene, with a multitude of prominent top-tier sports clubs and major international sporting events annually, including the Rugby World Cup and the Women’s Football World Cup.

The streets and buildings of Montpellier combine a mixture of both contemporary and ancient architecture dating as far back as the Medieval times, whilst the city centre itself was redesigned by Baron Haussmann in the second half of the 19th century and as such gives the city the air of “Paris-by-the-sea”. Montpellier has been called “a festive, Mediterranean and creative city” and received the well-appropriated description of a “mosaic of atmospheres”. Indeed, Montpellier’s charm lies in its diversity, making it a wonder in which to live, study and work.


Jessica Styles
Associate Marketing Intern

Flora Kiss