Is strategy dead?


A curated thought-piece from our friends at Fahrenheit 212

Is strategy dead?

Quite simply, no.

You might build a profitable, scalable, defensible business by luck, but it’s highly unlikely. In our opinion, investment in new products, services, experiences and ventures should always be guided by strategy.

Experimentation and iterative development can help you accelerate learnings, de-risk launches and stage investment appropriately, but they won’t tell you where you should be going.

Your strategy should help you understand the difference between key questions and hypotheses that can make or break your new venture and details to figure out as you launch. When we talk to clients who are struggling to extract the value from experiments, it’s normally because they lack the strategic clarity to prioritise these hypotheses.

To adapt a famous Sun Tzu quotation:

“Strategy without experimentation is the slowest and riskiest route to victory. Experimentation without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

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