Our World

A world where, from the [best of the] past comes the shape of the [creative] future - with consistent themes of Culture, Design and Heritage at its heart. Equally at home in Moscow, Muscat or Manhattan, our world spans continents and cultures. We are truly global.

We do not view life through a narrow lens. We recognise and embrace the global phenomenon whilst applying local sensitivity and knowledge. Our world pushes boundaries, stretches imaginations and inspires future best practice.

We endeavour to be at the forefront of innovative trends, shaping intellectual and creative processes in human resources and recruitment delivery. This aspiration has taken us from Hong Kong to Holland, Paris to Peterborough, Moscow to Muscat and elsewhere. Our world reflects your world, which like ours, undoubtely knows no boundaries.”


“The Cultural and Creative world of yesterday, today and tomorrow is an international one made up from different organisations in specific and different places. We bring seemingly disparate and disruptive elements cohesively together in our outlook and our activity to create your best possible working world”.

Ian Duckworth